Should You employ a Pseudonym?

While men and women in the Internet Marketing industry love Internet Marketing for the possibilities it provides, it is also painfully obvious that people who do not work in this sector tend to view it through a highly critical eye. IM and even the internet in general are still steeped in rumors and misconceptions. The individuals who operate within it know and understand how great it is but it still posess a unique challenge: do you want to be judged for it in your "regular" life?

Many folks who operate in the industry of Internet Marketing do so under a pseudonym. They select fake names for themselves because they would like to keep their IM life separated from everything else they doespecially if they are only working in IM part time. Lots of completely new and part time entrepreneurs are concerned that their friends and employers will find out that they are making money online. Of course, even though you don't worry about this sort of thing, it will be an important question: do you need to use a pseudonym for your online work?

Pseudonyms carry with them many benefits. The most important benefit, by a long shot, is having the possiblity to build an identity for yourself that is completely separate from your personal life and makes it easier to make sure they stay totally separate. If you perform in a field not online in which a professional profile is vital and people view the internet as something less than worthy, using a pseudonym helps to protect you from prying eyes on both sides of the field.

IMers are also more likely to use pseudonyms whenever they want to sell products in different niches. This is the way they could create expert identities in different niches while building credible businesses without their having to worry about seeming like a dabbler. You don't have to concern yourself with being asked about inconsistant products or niches because you'll be working in them under different names.

Unfortunately, however, on the list of bigger reasons that people do Internet Marketing business with a pseudonym is because they want to evade their tax responsibilities. They imagine that if the enterprise is not conduced under their legal names, then they won't have to worry about any of the money they earn being reported to the IRS. It is vital that you don't fall for this defective logic. Even while you do business under a different name your money counts as income and you are responsible for it. Further, the IRS will find youpeople that endeavor to cheat the system usually get found out.

Whether or not you choose to utilize a pseudonym for the business you do is entirely your choice. For lots of people it is much easier to use one name for their "real" lives and something different for their "online" lives. Other people like keeping things under their lawful names because it is just easier.
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